Deaf ears [to reality]

If all is well,

Well, all is not well as it may seem.

A man’s hopes and dreams are his will,

Yet a man’s destiny is as God deems.

Young boys with wide mouth

Yet little sight of life’s delights and devils,

Speak of futures without thought

Of the fire that may burn from thier evils.

I, among the crowd speak,

Yet when I do, I am stoned with bad eyes from young boys.

For the truth I speak is not to the heart meek,

But them young and wild think of life’s joys

Not frays.

But as it is seen that pleasure and pain,

Delights and devil’s,

Beauties and beasts,

Enjoyments and evils,

All walk hand in hand like an army for war,

Deaf do they turn to the words of the weary and wise.

Yet as long as life lives,

They will be faced with what they cannot face.

Hey guys I am soo excited to be back from school. Now I can be with you for a while.

Hope you enjoyed the poem.

Please help me figure this out

Why do some people dislike accepting the reality of a situation?

I really don’t know but am counting on you guys to clear that up for me

Thanks for the love,



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