To all them Wattpad lovers

Who here is totally in love with books? Well i am and my life became better when I found this app that is all about books. Yeah, it takes a little amount of data to download the apps and the books but once that is done you can read as many books as you like offline(as long as your device still has power). (Reading is totally free)There is a whole range of books you can read, from romance to comedy, chick flicks, action,horror,mystery, adventure,fantasy, paranomal and any other kind of books you could dream of.



I am writing a special post for all the romance novel lovers. These books will leave you wasting more. Here are my top 10 favourite Wattpad novels

1.Always Red

Chasing red aka Always Red was the very first book I read on Wattpad and it got me hooked. The romance is heart wreakingly sweet. The book is also published so you can look for it and buy it .

2. Bullied series

I totally love this series.

It is totally insane.

It’s one of the best books I have read .

And the poetry is on flick.

It would invoke loads of emotions in you.

3. I was never yours

The twists and turns in the plot of this books is just too beautiful.

You can’t help but feel as thought you were falling in love in one chapter but you feel complete hate in the next one. I totally loved it.

4. The Mischievous Mrs. Maxfield

The conflict in this book is on fire🚒🔥

You are virtually on the edge of your seat the through out the entire book.

5. Mafia Indebted

This is for all those who are in love with dark romance.

This book takes romance to a whole new level entirely.

At one point you are complete horrified but at another you feel a mix of several emotions especially when he tries to do one thing to make her happy but turns it into a horrid experience.

All he ever wanted was to break her ,corrupt her but when he did that all he ever wanted was to fix her.

6. A Bet with the Devils

For all those looking for a goofy, fun and romance book, this is the one for you. You can’t help but laugh at the ridiculously stupid things they did. The humor goes well with the romance.

7. Billionaires bestfriend

It is strange how much things changes when you cross the line between a friend and lover. This book portrays it well. Trust me it is not as cliche as it looks. I love it and so will you.

8. Detective

For all those looking for some crime and action to go with their romantic book, this will get you hooked. You will be amazed how he is so full of surprises with all the deduction he makes.

9. His Possession

He pointed a gun to her head, she pressed a knife into his stomach while kicking him out of her house. He pushed her away, he didn’t want her but she came right back and now she was his love , his possession, his light in the midst of all the darkness he lived in,

10. She belongs to the king

She was so oblivious. Everyone except her knew she belonged to him. He always got what he wants but getting her was the hardest thing yet. But he never gave up after all SHE BELONGS TO THE KING.

I totally loved these books and I know you will too. If you find a book you are interested in click the picture and it will send you to the link of the book.

Enjoy the books but don’t forget to follow ,comment , share or like this post

Love you guys



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